Yvain Juillard

Re-Creation February 2018
From 14

What if reality was just a fabrication of our brain?

Under the guise of a conference, this show, combining theater and science, invites us to experience the phenomena created by our brain which nevertheless define our reality and our identity.



PREMIERE, La Balsamine, Bruxelles (Be)

14/01 > 24/01/15

27/01 > 30/01/15


La Loge, Paris (Fr)

20/02 > 23/02/18


Fête de la Science, Université d'Amiens (Fr)


Théâtre de la Vie, Bruxelles (Be)

23/10 > 25/10/18 


Lycée Le Sage, Vannes (Fr)


Espace Malraux, Scène Nationale de Chambéry (Fr)

07/02 > 09/02/19


Festival Impakt, Cité Miroir, Liège (Option)

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A show by and with  yvain  Juillard |  Eye  outside  Olivier Boudon  |  His  Marc Doutrepont |  General management and lights  Vincent Tandonnet |  Graphics  Robin Yerles |  Neuroscientific advice  Yves Rossetti (CNRS-INSERM)  | Production, distribution and press  Isabelle Jans and Stephanie Barboteau  | Pictures  Hichem Dahes

What if reality was only a fabrication of our brain? When we draw a comparison between the human brain and the universe, we discover surprising similarities. By the incalculable number of cells that compose it and their connections, the brain is just as impenetrable as the universe is infinite. The great fascination of the study of the brain is based on the hope that men place in it to learn what they are and to go a little further in the exploration of the definition of their existence.

Former biophysicist specializing in brain plasticity, now an actor, Yvain Juillard offers us during a conference-show to question the functioning of our brain in order to question the multiple nature of reality.

The brain, the seat of our memory, of our perceptions, of our identity, remains this organ that is both intimate and mysterious because it is misunderstood by most of us.


This show, through simple and playful experiments, wishes to transmit to the public the latest scientific knowledge in the matter. A unique opportunity to simply discuss recent discoveries in neuroscience.

A creation  Reality Makers/Compagnie Yvain Juillard.
The stages leading up to the show benefited from the support of the Théâtre de Namur/Centre Dramatique, the CORRIDOR and the Fabrique de Théâtre, Aube Boraine/Mons 2015, the Théâtre de la Balsamine, the Center Culturel de Colfontaine, the Théâtre Varia, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation/Multidisciplinary and cross-cutting projects department and Wallonia-Brussels International

SACD Scholarship 2015  “A ticket to Avignon”

2016 winner  a writing grant at the Charterhouse of Villeneuve-lès-Avignon.

thanks to  Lorent Wanson, Dominique Roodthooft, Joseph Lacrosse  for  their views during the previous stages of the project and to Lara Hirzel for our discussions on the stage space.

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