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Celine Delbecq | Black Beast Co.

Creation October 2019 -1h30

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Visuel Rideau CINGLEE ©Beata Szparagowsk

L'ECHO I Charline Cauchie (preliminary)

"Crazy", the word against feminicide


"With her eighth creation, [...] Céline Delbecq reveals all her inner anger. Anger which, by being misunderstood, can lead to madness. Portrait of a director who counts and who counts down."

Visuel Rideau CINGLEE ©Beata Szparagowsk

BRUZZ I Sophia Soukias  (interview)

Céline Delbecq screams feminicide


"In Cinglée, brought to the stage with her company La Bête Noire, she [Céline Delbecq] once again gives voice to a character with extreme sensitivity, struggling with all her might with injustice. Because lucidity is often the source much suffering."

Visuel Rideau CINGLEE ©Beata Szparagowsk

LE VIF I Estelle Spoto (preliminary paper)



"A very real list of victims of feminicide serves as a common thread in Cinglée, the new play by author and director from Tournai Céline Delbecq. Its goal: to move the line between what is "normal" and what is is not."

Visuel Rideau CINGLEE ©Beata Szparagowsk

FREEDOM I Marie Baudet

Céline Delbecq dismantles denial and puts into words, into names, the silent litany of feminicides


“By opting for a third-person narration, Céline Delbecq forges a saving distance in the story that Anne Sylvain carries with humble nobility. also offer a possible ground for humor, more tender than dark"

Visuel Rideau CINGLEE ©Beata Szparagowsk

THE MEERCAT I Maud Quertain

Crazy, lucid to lose her mind


"Cinglée by Céline Delbecq is a piece that wants to make people hear the extent of the feminicides that take place around us every day. An essential show that pushes us to open our eyes."

Visuel Rideau CINGLEE ©Beata Szparagowsk


Will we stop the bleeding?


"Revolted by the ambient inertia and the mediocrity of certain reactions, Céline Delbecq wanted to make us aware of this ignominy. Objective perfectly achieved, thanks to the impact of an intelligent text and the mastery of her interpreter."

Visuel Rideau CINGLEE ©Beata Szparagowsk

THE FUTURE I Françoise Lison

Crazy, obstinate Marta


"Written and directed by Céline Delbecq, the show (subtitled in Dutch) revolves around a base whose geometric fracture worsens over the months. The order and the determination of the first minutes are broken, like breaks the beautiful balance of Marta.."

Visuel Rideau CINGLEE ©Beata Szparagowsk

RTBF I Dominique Mussche

Marta's moving cry: stop feminicide!


"Céline Delbecq has accustomed us to strong texts, written in a hurry, in resonance with the most acute social problems. This time again, she succeeds in creating a militant show, carried by an intelligent and sensitive text [.. .] By her vibrant presence, on the wire, Anne Sylvain manages to master in a remarkable way this delicate position between the neutrality of the story and empathy with her heroine. "

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