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Cie Still Life



The Still Life company is the privileged playground of Sophie Linsmaux and Aurelio Mergola.

The two creators conceive a theater without words and made of flesh.

Sophie Linsmaux and Aurelio Mergola began their artistic collaboration within Compagnie 3637.

It offered them structure and artistic support on a daily basis. They were able to learn there and build a company that makes sense and is particularly valuable to them, believing in fact in the richness and in the very great need for collective work.

However, today this mode of operation is reaching its limits. Compagnie 3637 is mainly active in the field of theater for young audiences. The issues addressed in the shows of Aurelio Mergola and Sophie Linsmaux are strictly rooted in the field of theater for adults.


In order to improve the readability of their work, to allow a better identification of their artistic approach and that of Compagnie 3637, they have chosen to create a new association: the company Still life.

The links forged with Compagnie 3637 may, however, continue to exist through informal exchanges and the pooling of services and equipment between the two companies.

Our collaborators


Since our first creation, we have wanted to bring together around us a core of partners who constitute the breeding ground for our theatrical research, real accomplices who share our research.


Together we work both on the development of projects and their realization on the set. They are: Aurélie Deloche, Sophie Leso, Nicola Testa, Florence Thonet and Thomas van Zuylen.

It is thanks to these relationships and their durability that the bill of our artistic identity can be refined and we hope to continue. With them, we created: In 2011, Where men would still die, addressing the theme of the relationship between the individual and death. (Marni theatre), “best discovery” at the critics' prizes. In 2014, Keep Going, questioning the place of old age in our society (Marni theater, and revived in 2016 at Eden and the Jacques Franck Cultural Center), nominated for "best artistic and technical creation" at the critics' prize. In 2015, Frozen, questioning the ability of humans to live with humans, a short form created at the Festival XS15, also performed at the Festival d'Avignon IN as part of the XS/subjets à vive in Avignon. In 2016, Still Life, featuring the dilapidation of appearances, a short form premiered at the XS16 festival. In 2017, the long form of Frozen at the national theater and recently at the XS 18 festival, View, showing a concentration of human weaknesses and a precipitate of social relations

Diary I No One


PREMIERE, Théâtre Les Tanneurs

du 24 septembre au 5 octobre 2019 


Maison de la culture, Tournai (Be)


Maison de la culture, Tournai (Be)

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