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Creation  m̶a̶r̶s̶ ̶2̶0̶2̶1̶  November 2021

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RTBF | Xavier Ess -  06/17/2021

How do you become a dancer or a break dancer? [...] Breathtaking demonstration by the 5 dancers of DRESS CODE.

The mastery is breathtaking and the figures require constant rigor and physical commitment. It is this long walk until exhaustion - literally and figuratively in DRESS CODE - which gives weight to this cardio dance; twirling dance of the heart, defying all the laws of gravity, whether physical or social, even in our heads.

DRESS CODE 1 ©Julien Carlier-min.jpg

Evening | Jean-Marie Wynants - 06/19-20/2021

With this creation for five formidable breakdancers, Julien Carlier delivers a powerful and fragile, virtuoso and intimate choreography. A jewel.

DRESS CODE is a wonderful moment of dance and choreography, with its breaks in rhythm, its comings and goings between the intimate and the group, its magical stagings of bodies on the razor's edge, its moments when movement , magnified by the light, becomes almost abstract, freeing itself from the body... And a happy, explosive finale where the sum of the individualities creates a whole that is as irresistible as it is harmonious.

DRESS CODE 1 ©Julien Carlier-min.jpg

The Free | Marie Baudet-  06/23/2021

Scrutinized from the inside by Julien Carlier, hip hop overflows the frame. Exciting.

The sometimes mechanical aspect linked to technical prowess – although present – is often replaced by the organic breath of a nonchalant and powerful pack.
A real work of time runs through the room, whose changing rhythms inhabit and dress the space with intensity, restraint, play, finally joy. Galvanizing.

DRESS CODE 1 ©Julien Carlier-min.jpg

Culture Point | Jean-Jacques Goffinon- 06/23/2021

Like an invisible witness, we are witnessing the putting into practice of a sensitive and demanding art […].

In the abnegation of discipline, the show describes the physical pain, the rigor, the violence of the confrontations, the solidarity of the group and its hermetic rules. Julien Carlier's choreography goes well beyond the simply virtuoso ballet that break-dancers generally provoke. He narrates, describes, makes feel an unsuspected dramaturgy for a contemporary writing far from dusty clichés.

DRESS CODE 1 ©Julien Carlier-min.jpg

Movement | Belinda Mathieu - 07/13/2021

Carried away by the groove of the music, [the dancers] bring out their communicative energy, their complicity and their love of dance.

Thanks to his subtle writing, Julien Carlier deploys a convincing ballet, where we enjoy both the choreographer's ability to bring the bodies into the same frequency, and the virtuosity of each performer. With skill, he makes us taste an essential quality of this social dance: the pleasure of being together.