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Celine Delbecq  

Premiere January 2016 – 65′
From 14
A performance by the Compagnie de la Bête Noire

This poignant text, for which the young Belgian author Céline Delbecq won multiple writing awards, places the theatrical function at the heart of societal issues; and vice versa.

An invigorating monologue, masterfully interpreted by Thierry Hellin, which oscillates between harshness and absolute tenderness.

Text and staging  Celine Delbecq |  With  Thierry Hellin |  Sound creation  Peter Kissling |  Light creation  Clement Papin |  Management  Clément Papin/Isabelle Derr/Bilal El Arrasi (alternating) | Scenography  Delphine Coers |  Staging assistant  Charlotte Villalonga/Gaetan d'Agostino |  Intern  Camille Delhaye 

Pictures  Gilles-Ivan Frankignoul/Alice Piemme AML

Production and distribution BLOOM Project/Stéphanie Barboteau

We found a feral child on the Place du Jeu de Balle. Her cries were heard from afar  ; she was seen biting and salivating like an animal. In the middle of the crowd and the indifference, a man takes an interest in her, tries to snatch her from oblivion. His name is "  a man  “, it could have been another. What he tells us is the reality he discovers behind the words  : emergency reception, judge, family, father, child, administration, adoption, home….


In this poignant monologue, Céline Delbecq introduces us to a reality she knows well. As always, she dares to approach the toughest subjects with an invigorating humanity, opening up precious spaces for speech, placing the theatrical function at the heart of societal necessities. And vice versa.

Marc Chouinard Prize Acadie Theater 2017
Recognized public utility show by

the French Community Commission (Cocof)
Best Belgian Author at the Critics' Awards 2016
Nominated Best solo on stage at the Critics' Awards 2016
SACD Prize for Francophone Dramaturgy 2016
  heart  of the reading office of France Culture 2015
Performing Arts Prize of the Province of Hainaut 2015
              2015 City of Guérande Drama Writing Prize               

Solidarity and collective production of  The Compagnie de la Bête Noire , the Regional Cultural Center of Dinant, the Maison de la Culture of Tournai, the Rideau de Bruxelles, the Atelier 210, the Théâtre 140, the Maison culturelle of Ath, and the cultural centers of Beauraing, Engis, Gembloux, Ottignies,  of Walloon Brabant |  With the support of  la Chartreuse – National Center for Performing Arts, Wallonia-Brussels Theatre/Dance, Fellowship of the Mixed Committee/Wallonia-Brussels Federation Service for the Promotion of Letters of the Ministry of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, of Wallonia Brussels International, of the Théâtre des Doms , the Manufacture/Avignon, the Lippens Foundation  and the French Community Commission | With help  the Center des Ecritures Dramatiques Wallonie-Bruxelles, and the Théâtre Océan Nord, La Roseraie, Marni as well as the cultural centers Jacques Franck, Riches Claires, St Ghislain, and the Festival Paroles d'Hommes.

Text published by Lansman Publisher.

Art & life star code :  1710 – 26

Descriptif enfant sauvage


Le Carroi, Théâtre de la Halle au Blé, La Flêche (Fr)


Jardin de Verre, Cholet (Fr)


EVE Espace Universitaire, Le Mans (Fr)


Comité d'expansion Layon, Chalonnes/Loire (Fr)


Le Piment Familial, Mortagne sur Sèvre (Fr)


Palais du Littoral, Grande-Synthe (Fr)


Théâtre Quartier Libre, Ancenis (Fr)


Saint-Berthevin (Fr)


Espace Culturel L'Hermine, Sarzeau (Fr)


Athanor, Guérande (Fr)


MJC Ti An Dud, Douarnenez (Fr)


Merville-Franceville plage (Fr)


Saint-Hilaire-de Riez (Fr)


Espace culturel Robert Hossein, Merville (Fr)

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