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/ Participative dance · 2023

People fancy dancing but... they are sometimes too shy...or they don't know how... GRAND CHOREOKE will help. Your Chazam will project very beautiful video dance clips, while spinning delightful and various dance vinyls. The audience will (try to) imitate the dances. Fun garanteed.


David " Votre Chazam", Brussel's ultra productive composer and activist in various areas of today's music proposes a thrilling PARTICIPATIVE DANCE EVENT. During "LE GRAND CHOREOKE" the virtuoso Disc Jockey will also be your Video Jockey: while spinning music on vinyls he will also select and project video dance clips from his collection.

Images and sounds are mixed by Votre Chazam in real time, creating new meanings through the confrontation of heterogeneous contents. This inventive formula gives a refreshing and surprising freedom of movement and thoughts, with an audacity allowing you to move on tunes that are totally unusual on dancefloors. The event's promotional materials will make it clear that the audience will be expected to PARTICIPATE, but Votre Chazam, as "Master of ceremony", will drive people to the dancefloor to follow, all together, the movements on the screen. The audience will become a full part of the show, as " Just dance" meets " 24 hours party people" and as amateur and professional dancers become real PARTNERS OF FUN!

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