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Isabelle Jonniaux/In Vivo 5.12


Creation In situ 2022

The ÉCHAPPÉES URBAINES are audio-guided walks, conceived in situ, in direct link with the environment and the geography of the place of reception.

In these urban wanderings, Isabelle Jonniaux opens a dialogue with the elements encountered in the street. Buildings, tags, signs, encounters: so many elements from which she weaves sensitive, poetic, absurd or funny stories

Equipped with a smartphone and headphones, the public follows a geolocalized route; they are invited to move around in every sense of the word. It is a question of shifting the points of attention, of shifting the real, of summoning other times, other thoughts, other fictions. To try to make emerge an alternative reality.

 "Through my urban explorations, I wish to share a sensitive experience of the cities I cross. By sensitive, I mean that the city is not mainly apprehended in terms of space, layout, architecture but rather in terms of experience of the senses and of the intimate.

I like to take people on less marked paths, to focus attention on certain details, to divert the messages. I invent, I reinvent, I translate reality. I raise crosswords, hidden evils. I fill in gaps, I quote authors' thoughts that are put in relation with personal thoughts. I relate striking encounters with certain inhabitants, I launch into verbal flights of fancy, which are punctuated by musical flights of fancy.

Walking becomes a space of narration but also an act of resistance; to speed, to efficiency. It is a way of pausing and allowing oneself to be carried by the solicitations on the road, to pay them deep attention. And, in the end, to provoke a reflection on what surrounds us on a daily basis."

Isabelle Jonniaux

Design, writing and voice Isabelle Jonniaux Sound director Loïc Le Foll Writing collaboration Simon Thomas Outer ears Olivier Hespel and Anne Thuot

Creation IN VIVO 5.12. Production Théâtre Varia Photo credit Isabel Jonniaux

The geolocated route was developed by Neareo

This sound creation resonates with the project J'AIME BEAUCOUP ICI- stage performance resulting from urban explorations.

Descriptif Echappé Urbaine


Balade sonore

Festival Métamorphose - Théâtre Varia, Bruxelles (Be)


Balade sonore

Festival Métamorphose - Théâtre Varia, Bruxelles (Be)


Balade sonore

Festival Métamorphose - Théâtre Varia, Bruxelles (Be)

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