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/ Performance based on urban explorations · from age 14

With a curiosity for details, Isabelle Jonniaux explores our urban spaces and lets her gaze and her thoughts drift. Tags, bins, signs, encounters:  so many elements that she brings to the stage to weave them into multiple narratives.


Conception, writing and acting Isabelle Jonniaux  Collaboration with the director Anne Thuot Dramaturgy Advisor  Olivier Hespel  Scenography  Cécile Balate Sound design  Loïc Le Foll Lighting design and technical direction Christopher Van Hove Photo Isabelle Jonniaux Editing images Joachim Wery Development, communication and diffusion BLOOM Project

This performance is the result of a research process conducted at L'L | Recherche autrement en arts vivants (Brussels).

Creation IN VIVO 5.12 Production Mars – Mons Arts de la Scène, Théâtre Varia, Brussels, Maison de la Culture de Tournai With the support of the Maison Culturelle d’Ath and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, SACD Belgium, Shelter Prod ,, ING and the Tax-Shelter of the Belgian federal government.

Duration 1h25

Number of participants 150 people maximum.

J'AIME BEAUCOUP ICI is a project that is envisaged in situ , in a writing of proximity and an intimate relationship with the geography of the place of reception.  


The project aims to be a sharing of reflections and narrative recompositions based on extracts from reality. A physical and philosophical wandering that speaks of our relationship to space, to others and to the links that are woven in the city. A sharing of experience that questions our ability to see what surrounds us. An invitation to reflect on our world; an incentive to fight the indifference that threatens our urban lifestyles.  


The stage performance is carried by Isabelle Jonniaux. It is fed by different  writings: exploration notes, intimate narrations, reflective texts, visual montages, sound compositions... Photography takes an important place in the device which is designed as an installation inside which the public is encouraged to move.  

The stake of the creation is to conceive itself in connection with the geography of the place of reception.

The “re-creation” in situ and the integration of the local dimension is an intrinsic component of the project. 



05→ 07/11/2024

L'Eden - Centre Culturel de Charleroi (Be)

11→ 12/04/2025

Centre Culturel Le Jacques Franck, Bruxelles (Be)



Festival Propulse, Théâtre National, Bruxelles (Be) 

13→ 24/06/2023

Festival Métamorphose, Théâtre Varia, Bruxelles (Be) 

12→ 14/04/2023

Maison Culture, Tournai (Be)

06→ 07/04/2023

Maison Culturelle d'Ath (Be)

13→ 17/03/2023

Résidence  Maison Culturelle d'Ath (Be)

20→ 24/02/2023

Résidence La Verrière (Be)

21→ 23/04/2022

*Creation* Festival Demain - Mars - Mons Arts de la Scène (Be)

09→ 20/04/2022

Residence MARS, Mons Arts de la Scène (Be)

28/03→ 02/04/2022

Residence Maison de la culture, Tournai (Be)

14→ 25/02/2022

Residence Théâtre Varia, Bruxelles (Be


10→ 21/01/2022

Residence Théâtre Varia, Bruxelles (Be)


05→ 01/15/2021

Residence Théâtre des Doms, Avignon (Fr)

02→ 13/12/2019

Residence 3bisf, Aix en Provence (Fr) - L'L

08→ 04/18/2019

Residence Usine C, Montréal (Ca) - L'L

04→ 14/12/2018

Residence Théâtre Sévellin 36, Lausanne (Ch) - L'L

08/26→ 07/09/2017

Residence Théâtre du Marché aux Grains, Bouxwiller (Fr) - L'L

08/26→ 07/09/2017

Residence Abbaye de Forest, Bruxelles (Be) - L'L

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