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Norman is a fairly ordinary 7 year old boy, but he likes to wear dresses. In the garden, the more he twirls, the more it flies, the more fun it is. One day, he is allowed to wear a dress to school... The school trips will then no longer be quite ordinary and will turn into a journey to hell... or not ?


A creation for young audiences, after the show PINK BOYS AND OLD LADIES (2019).

it's like normal, except for one letter
M.Henry | C. Thirion | Kosmocompany
Creation November 2021 -  45' (+ 25' discussion)

NORMAN 4 (presse) ©Anoek Luyten(1).jpg





Descriptif NORMAN

Direction and choreography Clément Thirion Writing and dramaturgy Marie Henry Interpretation Antoine Cogniaux , Deborah Marchal , Lylybeth Merle Scenography and costumes Katrijn Baeten and Saskia Louwaard Light creation Gaspar Schelck Sound creation Thomas Turine  Classical dance Maria Clara Villa Lobos Technical direction Régie Maud Llorente / Gleb Panteleef / Gaspar Schelck  / Christophe Van Hove Photos Anoek Luyten and Hichem Dahes Development and distribution BLOOM Project

Production kosmocompany Co -production MARS/Mons Performing Arts, Pierre de Lune, Brussels, Charleroi Danse, La Coop asbl  With the help of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation - Theater Department, and WBTD_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ With the support of La Montagne Magique, Shelterprod,, ING, Tax-Shelter of the Belgian federal government

Norman is a fairly run-of-the-mill 7-year-old boy, but he likes to wear dresses. In the garden, the more he whirls, the more it flies, the more owl it is. One day, he receives the authorization to go to school in a robe… School trips will then no longer be quite ordinary and will turn into an abyssal descent in we do not know what and that is why we say a descent into hell, because in the hell box you can put everything.

Through the anecdote of clothing, NORMAN it's like normal, except for one letter joyfully questions the relationship to the norm, the acceptance of difference and the cultural codes of gender. Never didactic, even less moralising, the show favours humour, dance, wordplay and narration.
A colourful ode to the freedom to be who you are.

NORMAN it's normal, except for one letter is a creation for children and the whole family, according to the show PINK BOYS & OLD LADIES, rewritten by Marie Henry and directed by Clément Thirion.

Norman c'est comme normal, à une lettre près, a text written by Marie Henry and published by Lansman


03/29 04/01/2023

Jacques Franck Cultural Center, Brussels (Be) 

13  14/04/2023

Festival Cep Party, Le Champilambart, Vallet (Fr)

05/11 05/12/2023

Theater of Vanves (Fr)



Work step
EXPORT/IMPORT Festival @La Montagne Magique, Brussels 



Mars/Mons Performing Arts (Be)


La Montagne Magique, Brussels (Be)


Focus Young Audience @Théâtre Les Doms, Avignon (Fr)


Young Audience Theater Meetings, Huy (Be)


House of Culture, Tournai (Be)

08 12/11/2022

Varia Theater, Brussels (Be)

16 11/19/2022

The Magic Mountain, Brussels (Be)

22 11/24/2022

Theater of Liège (Be) 


The Big Blue, Lille (Fr)

11→ 12/12/2022

Cultural center, Uccle (Be) 

15→ 17/12/2022

Royal Theater of Namur (Be)


Noël.le at the Theatre, Le Zeppelin, Saint-André-lez-Lille (Fr)


Christmas at the Theatre, Le Rideau, Brussels (Be)

11→ 12/01/2023

Cultural Center, Colfontaine (Be) 

17→ 19/01/2023

Cultural Center, Nivelles (Be) 


Recommended show, Le Mans (Fr)


Charleroi-Dance, La Raffinerie, Brussels (Be) 

27→ 28/01/2023

Charleroi-Dance, The Stables, Charleroi (Be) 

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