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Clément Thirion | kosmocompany

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The kosmocompany is a structure that supports the creative work of Clément Thirion. Actor, choreographer, author and director, he develops a scenic language nourished by his multiple sensibilities.

His creations take a biting look at the human being in all its contradictions through a formal and aesthetic research. This approach develops on a tightrope between dance and theatre, gentleness and cruelty, naivety and fatalism, intellectual demands and simplicity of gesture.

The company's first two creations, [weltaunschauung] (2013) and FRACTAL (2016), outline its singularity. Between scientific discourse, aerobic dance and poetic drift, our deepest existential and metaphysical anxieties are exposed.
In 2018, Clément Thirion tackles for the first time a contemporary dramatic text questioning a social issue : Mouton Noir by Alex Lorette denounces, in a gymnastic and acidulous staging, school bullying.
In 2019, PINK BOYS AND OLD LADIES (commissioned from author Marie Henry) fictionalises a news item: the experience of a little boy and his father wearing dresses on their way to school. For this creation, Clément Thirion radicalises his approach to the stage, conceiving a staging that flirts with choreography.
In 2021, he takes this spatial and corporal approach to the dramaturgy even further in NORMAN c'est comme normal, à une lettre près, a version of PINK BOYS AND OLD LADIES for young audiences.

Moreover, since 2018, the company has been receiving multi-annual support from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and is developing a unique work method combining actor training open to professionals and preparatory laboratories for new productions.

This approach will continue to improve the company's future projects. Currently, Clément Thirion is developing two new productions : DANSE MACABRE (to be premiered in 23-24) and VIANDE (working title, new collaboration with Marie Henry, to be premiered in 24-25).

From the 22-23 season, Clément Thirion will be an associate artist at the Théâtre Varia (Brussels).

MOUTON NOIR, by Alex Lorette (2018), is the first author's staging for Clément Thirion. Offering, with a rhythmic gymnastics course given to the entire cast, a stage writing tool that is an integral part of the identity of the show, and of the singularity of the staging.

With FRACTAL (2016), Clément Thirion requisitions a radio telescope to listen to space in search of an extraterrestrial signal. He summons a group of 27 dancers on stage to, together, record a mathematical ballet to be sent into the cosmos, like a bottle in the interstellar sea thrown into the void of the Universe ...

In [WELTAUNSCHAUUNG], two lycra bipeds and hairy mooboots (Gwen Berrou and Clément Thirion) explore the mysteries of "Creation" and try to save Humanity with… a dance.

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