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Heloise Ravet

Creation November 2022

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Wild Detectives | Pierre Lesquelen - 21/11/2022

"Better late than never"

If Outrage pour bonne fortune produces an inner resonance that goes beyond representation, it is because a daily tragicomedy [...] is hidden in each situation, and because this almost silent celebration for the dead and the living, for monks and ghosts, look at our own desires for metamorphoses.

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FREE | Marie Baudet-10/11/2022

"Outrage for good fortune", mystical alpine fiction

With Outrage pour bonne fortune, Héloïse Ravet signs an ambitious first opus and assumes the comical as much as the darkness of her point of view.


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THE EVENING | Catherine Makereel- 09/11/2022

“Outrage for Good Fortune”: Memento Mori

No question of serving a ready-made narrative! Héloïse Ravet prefers to lose us in a cabalistic fiction, a fable in the form of fog, thicker than a mist at the top of the Italian Alps.

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Request the program -11/07/2022

Interview by Palmina Di Meo

As part of the new scenes, she offers Varia from November 8 to 19 her first long form under the title "Outrage pour bonne fortune". Interview with a promising young artist with a singular and innovative talent.

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Radio Panick | Asia Novera -10/16/2022

Screenshot - cultural agenda

An interview with Héloïse Ravet by Asia Novera.

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