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/ Theater · 90'

OUTRAGE POUR BONNE FORTUNE is a show about mystical Christian belief, and so it is inevitably a show about blasphemy, sacrilege.

OUTRAGE © Maïa Blondeau - 4.jpg
Descriptif Outrage

​OUTRAGE POUR BONNE FORTUNE offers itself as a modern mysticism, outside of dogma, upside down of the rule, through the couture of bodies and the grotesqueness of our lives.

An abbey in the Italian Alps on the French border.
The peaceful daily life of the monk Ercole and the nun Sophia is shattered when, on the nearby mountain, a Vatican plane crashes with a delegation of bishops on board. The disaster is immense.
The pope knocks on the door of the monastery.
​​ The accident wakes up two young mountaineers, Klaus and Agota, who died long ago while climbing the affected face.
On vacation for eternity, they head to our lovely monastery.

Directed by Héloïse Ravet Interpretation Youri David, Noé Englebert, Michele de Luca, Francesco Italiano, Souâd Toughraï
Light creation Sibyl Cabello Sound creation Laure Lapel 
Photo Michel Boermans / Hichem Dahes Development, communication and distribution BLOOM Project

Production Saintes Patronnes asbl Coproduction Théâtre Varia, Brussels, Théâtre de Liège  With the help of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation - theater department, the Roseraie and the Théâtre La Balsamine, Brussels With the support of , COCOF, Shelterprod,, ING and the Tax-Shelter of the Belgian federal government, Club des Entreprises Partenaires du Théâtre de Liège


This show was created in April 2022 at Théâtre Varia.  

Agenda Outrage

24 → 29/05/2021

Dramaturgical residency La Roseraie, Brussels (Be)

24 → 29/05/2021

*Creation* Théâtre Varia, Brussels (Be)

09/26 → 11/07/2022

Residency Théâtre Varia, Brussels (Be)

1→ 08/12/2022

Dramaturgical residency Roma (It)



Carte Blanche/PIF Festival Théâtre La Balsamine, Brussels (Be)


Research residency Théâtre La Balsamine, Brussels (Be)


24→ 05/29/2021

Dramaturgical residency  La Roseraie, Brussels (Be)

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