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WEBSCENE IBelinda Mathieu - 07/28/2022

FORCES, mystical dance from the future

"Carried by the music at the sustained rhythm of Thomas Turine, the three dancers, like three cyborg priestesses, dance in concert, with frank or undulating gestures to follow the repetitive eddies of sound, like an organism viscerally linked to its environment. You would think they were connected to a telluric force, always firmly anchored in the ground, letting their gestures evolve very gradually, according to the variations of the music. "


THE INROCKS IMalo Toquet - 07/28/2022

FORCES, telluric knot of dancing powers

“It is from the gradual rise in power of the three performers (Leslie Mannès, Mercedes Dassy, Thi-Mai Nguyen) that the framework of the show is made. A simple framework, but saturated with sensations, densified by music and lights like so many elementary forces. Leslie, Mercedes and Thi-Mai seem to transform before our eyes: fluid like eels, sharp like a blade, deadly like lightning, powerful like a colossus. An organic power agitates them in unison, as if possessed.


ALL CULTURE IAmélie Blaustein Niddam

The Hypnotic Forces of Leslie Mannès at the Hivernales

“These girls are fierce, they build up strength and when the light is brighter, they look up at us, sure of themselves. The repetitive writing enters us as if a shaman or a medium were possessing us.Forces is a bomb that shows how a robotic gesture can become mystical.”


PROVENCE IDaniele Charraz - 07/19/2022

FORCES, we liked

“The repetition of the same gestures since the beginning of the piece for the three dancers hypnotizes the spectators. Just like repetitive music, it is bewitching.  [...] Dance, music and lights rise towards joy, freedom. The races are accelerating, the arms are spinning further and further, the hair is flying over the mills.


KULTUR I Peter Füssl -  10/06/2022

Optimistisch stimmende Frauenpower

“FORCES ist aber auch wirklich ein echtes Kraftstück, das in unserem Zeitalter grassierender Deprimiertheit, zunehmender Lustlosigkeit und wachsender Ängstlichkeit gerade recht kommt, denn die drei Tänzerinnen Leslie Mannès, Mercedes Dassy und Thi-Mai Nguyen (eingesprungen für die schwanginder Barbetzungschaftsbed Daniel Original) reißen mit ihrer selbstbewussten Frauenpower jedermann und -frau mit. "


RTBF I Christian Jade

A strange dizziness


"The trio of dancers (Leslie Mannès, Mercedes Dassy and Daniel Barkan) carried by the rhythmic rages of Thomas Turine and the inventive lights of Vincent Lemaître will accelerate the cohesion of the group, sometimes gathered, sometimes dispersed in a kind of very controlled trance which alternates the fusions of the group and its dispersion in space. [...] Impossible to escape this warrior charm and this perfection of gesture and body. »


FOCUS - VIF I Estelle Spoto

Three powerful women


“Three graces, three valkyries for a long, incantatory development, from darkness to light, from the clinical to the carnal, from immobility to the cavalcade, from the synthetic to the organic, from the futuristic to the archaic. The first part is striking [...] It rises gradually, it reveals itself, stronger, faster, in an exponential scale of arms and hair. The Joint Forces are palpable and the dance provides a physical demonstration of female empowerment."


LE SOIR I Jean-Marie Wynants

A choreographic slap!


“In the audience, for 60 minutes, not a sound, not a breath. We feel an incredible tension that unites like an overpowering magnet the stage and the room. [...] Tonight, no doubt, we have witnessed, and participated in, a unique moment inhabited by "primary, telluric and technological" forces (according to the perfectly correct words of the creators) which continue to pulse in our neurons and in our bodies several hours after this bewitching ritual. »



Emancipation through bodies


“This trilogy of powerful women (Leslie Mannès, Mercedes Dassy, Daniel Barkan) generates strength rather than submitting to it, until liberation, joy, ecstasy. Shamans, warriors, cyborgs, they create a whirlwind of "primary, telluric and technological forces" that releases a collective energy in a sort of celebration ritual of the living. »

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