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Mannès |  Turine | Lemaître

Mannès _ Turine _ Lemaître

The Mannès - Turine - Lemaître trio venture to invent new rituals, seeking to provoke strong and liberating sensory experiences for the viewer.

Leslie Mannès (choreographer and dancer), Thomas Turine (composer) and Vincent Lemaître (light designer) venture into the invention of new rituals, seeking to provoke strong and liberating sensory experiences for the viewer. Together, they develop a common writing of body, sound and light as three foundations of a language to be co-invented. Between ancestral and futuristic bodily practices, their tendency to mix temporalities creates confusion. We enter a choreographic territory, sound and light, we caress hypnosis, the sensitive and the powerful.


ATOMIC 3001 (2016) transcends the liberation of a woman prey to an alienating and  STRENGTHS  (2019) is the gathering of three cyborg shaman warriors who make their bodies a vector of metamorphosis.


In their last creation LES RITUELS DU DÉSORDRE (2022), the choreographer, composer and lighting designer will question, through a participatory project, the needs or desires that collective practices arouse today, drawing inspiration from the history of festivals, carnivals and other hullabaloos.

LESLIE MANNÈS (1982) - choreographer

She is a graduate of PARTS, SEAD and a Master in Performing Arts-ULB. She created the shows FORCES  (2019) and ATOMIC 3001 (2016) with Thomas Turine and Vincent Lemaître, OPTIMUM PARK  (2016) with the Reality Optimization Company, INITIAL ANOMALY (2019), HUMAN DECISION (2015) and SYSTEM FAILURE (2013) with Louise Baduel / Cie System Failure. As a performer she has worked with Cie Mossoux-Bonté, Ingrid Von Wantoch Rekowski, Maxence Rey and Ayelen Parolin as well as with directors Patricia Gelise and Nicolas Deschuyteneer.


THOMAS TURINE (1979) - composer

At the crossroads of electro (Sitoid), classical, contemporary or baroque music, rock (Major Deluxe), sound art and musical theatre, he founded Cosipie to create: Le Jardin baroque electronic music (2021), Vertigo L'Oratorio Hourrite (2020), Alice à Laborde (2018), 88 Constellations (2010-13), Assises (2007). With the Mannès-Turine-Lemaître trio, they create ATOMIC 3001  (2016), FORCES (2019) and RITUALS OF DISORDER (2022). In Free Lance, he signs a hundred soundtracks for theatre, dance, plastic arts or cinema (N. Sardi, C. Schmitz, H. Mathon, P. Droulers, Cie Mossoux-Bonté, Cie Anomalie, Teatro da Vertigem, K. Verdonck, C. Thirion, etc.).


VINCENT LEMAÎTRE (1971) - light designer

He is the technical director of the Brigittines. As a light designer, he collaborates with Leslie Mannès and Thomas Turine: FORCES (2019) and ATOMIC 3001 (2016), with Cie System Failure: INITIAL ANOMALY (2019), HUMAN DECISION (2015) and SYSTEM FAILURE (2013); with Valérie Lemaître: Mister Bates (2009), The Great Return of Boris S (2011), Until Death Do Us Part (2013) as well as with Ayelen Parolin: David (2011).

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