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/ Theater · 55'

After a rotten year, I needed to create a show about grief.

I also needed to be funny.

A brilliant, tragic, and hilarious bilingual stand-up that blurs the lines of my confusion...

A show by Venedig Meer Concept, writing and performance Florence Minder Acting direction Julien Jaillot Light design Yorrick Detroy Typography Christine Paquet Stage management Noemi Scantamburlo Critical analysis exercice Manon Faure, Julien Jaillot, Florence Minder, Karen Köhler, Sophie Sénécaut and Valérianne Poidevin Dutch translation Daphne Agten Photography Herbert Schuller Production Venedig Meer - Manon Faure Distribution BLOOM Project - Stéphanie Barboteau

Co-production Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles With the help of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles - Service du Théâtre

Supported by Théâtre Varia  

Somewhere between Andy Kaufman and one of many Cohen brothers' characters, Florence Minder's American version of herself offers a space to deploy the full range of shames,terrible depressions and life-saving displacements imposed by life's accidents, with a great dose of humor.


“You are as many human beings as the number of languages you speak”said Goethe.


For this heroine in dire straits, this linguistic schizophrenia may well come in handy...With a gun, a wig, some chewing gum, earrings and surtitles, we might even manage to scare off the wolves prowling in the abyss...

descripton GOOD MOURNING

18→ 21/07/2024

Festival d'Avignon OFF - La Manufacture (Fr)


Ici Bruxelles - Focus Pro - Théâtre Varia (Be)


Kinneksbond - Centre Culturel Mamer (Lu)


Maison Poème, Bruxelles (Be)

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