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Julien Carlier | Cie Abis

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Through creations of various shapes, combining the virtuosity of the Hip-Hop vocabulary with a search for sensitivity, Julien Carlier works on the porosity between the reality experienced by the individual within him and that perceived by others from the outside. 

Born in Brussels in 1985, Julien Carlier approaches dance in a self-taught way through the practice of Breakdance. At the same time, he trained in physiotherapy and obtained a Master's degree at the Free University of Brussels. His first experiences on the stage as well as her exploration of dance came from interdisciplinary artistic exchanges and projects created in collectives. He also participated in the first edition of the Tremplin Hip-Hop training in Brussels in 2012 initiated by the choreographer Jean Claude Pambé Wayack. In 2016-17, he joined the Prototype IV training program at Royaumont Abbey in Paris. 

Since 2015, he has been creating his own choreographic work which, over the years, has evolved to open up more and more towards the international. He is currently resident choreographer at Charleroi Danse for seasons 20-21, 21-22, 22-23. It is also supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the Grand Studio.

Through creations of various forms, combining the virtuosity of the Hip-Hop vocabulary with a search for sensitivity, Julien works on the porosity between the reality experienced by the individual in his heart of hearts and that perceived by others from the outside. His work is anchored in the concrete encounters, practices, sensations experienced, etc. It is the passage from reality to the stage space that interests him, placing the body as a medium/witness to this transformation.
Among the themes of the creations, we find the meeting between dance and other artistic practices, the relationship to constraint and physical commitment, a questioning of sensory perceptions, power relations, resilience, the question of the limit...

His first piece, MON/DE (2015) is inspired by experiences of sleep paralysis, an exploration of a modified state of consciousness, of a drift from reality in this “wake/sleep” in-between.

In the process, he created in 2016 DEJA-VU, a labyrinthine performance for 4 dancers lost in a house setting, where the markers of time and space are turned upside down.

From 2018, Julien sets up the LABOS, occasional and itinerant choreographic research residencies settling in partner places. They allow the company to work on choreographic material through experimentation, to bring out ideas, to bring together disciplines and artists, to invent multidisciplinary forms in complete freedom.

In 2019, he created the piece GOLEM, a duo between dance and sculpture built around the meeting between Julien and the septuagenarian sculptor Mike Sprogis, which was selected to participate in several prestigious promotional showcases: Objectif Danse 9 (Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles), Aerowaves 2020 (online) and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (reported). 

His creation, DRESS CODE (June 2021 ̶2̶0̶2̶0̶), features breakdancers, and questions the practice of this discipline. 

In October 2021, he created  COLLAPSE, during the opening of the International Biennale of Charleroi-Danse. The subject of accumulation and collapse is explored on stage through the dance and the bodies of the 6 dancers but also through the construction using objects, such as Kaplas, as well as the use of live video projection. His last creation PAYSAGE will be presented during the Pays de Danses Festival 2024 at Liège (Be).

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