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Le Colonel Astral


Represent the effect that a work produces on the unconscious, of bringing into play on the board the free associations generated by the text in each of us ...

Colonel Astral was founded in 2015 by Marie Bos, Estelle Franco, Francesco Italiano and Guillemette Laurent during the creation of Nasha Moskva .

The collective will present in 2021, Todos caerán , the adaptation by Francesco Italiano freely inspired by Don Quixote by Cervantes.

The visit to an abandoned psychiatric hospital, in Volterra, was the revealer of their creative process: to represent the effect that a work produces on the unconscious and to bring into play the free associations generated by it.

On the walls of the courtyard of this hospital, one of the detainees, Fernando Oreste Nannetti, for years engraved his diary which recounts the correspondence he maintained with the stars. Nannetti called himself Colonel Astral.


Colonel Astral claims a theater where the actor's playing constitutes the essence of the representation, where the scenic writing - modeled on the mode of operation of the unconscious - results from the resonance of different materials, of a play of actor freed from codes, where the question of the shared present is essential, allowing a part of improvisation.

Actor-director, actor-playwright, actor-scenographer, actor-lighting designer: the main part of the work consists in decompartmentalizing the positions to allow a total control of the representation to those who occupy the set. At the same time, the other collaborators (light designer, scenographer, sound designer) participate fully in the entire work process.

The scenic writing, which results from the resonance of different or even divergent materials, where the game is freed from codes, maintains a constant confusion between fiction and reality, present time and time of narration, to be "oneself" and be "another" ...

The search for narrative, formal and dramaturgical irregularity makes it possible to create an aesthetic of permanent renewal, modeled on the mode of functioning of the unconscious. Nothing is definitively fixed in the representation, it is modulated according to the particular exchange and always renewed with the spectators.


NASHA MOSKVA (2015) Full recording @Théâtre des Doms, 2016, RTBF


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