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PEER GYNT, after Henrik Ibsen
Guillemette Laurent and Yoann Blanc


Creation December 2022

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RTBF | Pierre Wuidart  - 30/11/2022

From amateurs to pro theatre: PEER GYNT well supported in Mons

About twenty amateur actors and two professionals: this is the cast concocted by Guillemette Laurent to create PEER GYNT at the Le Manège theater (Mars), in Mons.

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THE EVENING | Catherine Makereel - 29/11/2022

Guillemette Laurent on "Peer Gynt": "People need to do theater as much as to see it" 

Alongside Yoann Blanc and Catherine Salée, around twenty amateur actors, of all ages, bring the epic of Peer Gynt to life. Or when the theater is built in otherness. On Mars at Mons. 

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THE TIP | Marie Baudet - 29/11/2022

PEER GYNT at the theater - Ibsen's play revisited with Yoann Blanc and 26 volunteer performers of all ages

When a director familiar with non-pros and a seasoned actor think about Ibsen, the result – to be discovered in Mons from Thursday to Saturday – is a collective epic.

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FREE | Marie Baudet - 28/11/2022

Meeting with Guillemette Laurent and Yoann Blanc

With the complicity of Catherine Salée in the direction of actresses and actors, the actor Yoann Blanc - accustomed to the boards but also to series like La Trêve - and the director Guillemette Laurent (who had directed the duo in La Musica second, from Duras) are together at the origin of this creation to come this week in Mons.

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