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Mary Henry | Clement Thirion


Creation September 2019 - 1h30

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PINK BOYS & OLD LADIES, the art of shaking up codes with humor and fantasy

Who said pink is for girls? And Yvonne, it rhymes with...

It was a news item that gave the idea for the show. In Berlin, a 5-year-old boy arrogated to himself the right to go to school in a skirt. And out of solidarity, his father himself accompanied him in a robe. And as Clément Thririon himself secretly dreamed of wearing skirts in his childhood... And as he is surely not the only one... The pretext was all found.

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CULTURE I Jean-Jacques Goffinon   

When Marie Henry happily questions family and gender

"  With Pink Boys and Old Ladies – which the Théâtre des Martyrs had the good idea to revive this season – Marie Henry writes a caustic text on the contradictions of the traditional family stuck between the gaze of others and its archaic values. "If it's not a pity, is it?" "."


THE FUTURE I Françoise Lison   

Norms and how we stick together...

"[...] The stage is not dedicated to injunctions, disputes and fits of hysteria. It delivers a word that becomes a score, set with colors, identities, questions [...]."

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THE ECHO  I Aliénor Debrocq   

Maybe the real problem is that the dresses are ugly.


"[...] There are some people,  like that, who want to wear dresses, and basically it's perhaps banal (Clément Thirion) [...].

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RTBF I Dominique Mussche 

The question of gender at the heart of a show with incisive humor


"[...] It will be understood, in the theater of Marie Henry, everything starts from language and ends there. Everything passes through the word, including the scenography  : two or three accessories punctuate the white space of the set, but on the other hand, an imaginary setting is described to us with wacky meticulousness. Dialogues, narration, stage directions, speeches, the text is an exploded score with incisive humour. Clément Thirion makes it perfectly readable for us, without erasing its complexity[...].

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The theatrical creations not to be missed this week


"[...] Quirky humor dominates this serious subject of the genre. Served by a formidable cast, Marie Henry's play plays on deconstruction, multiplies between game and story, in rhythmic osmosis with the staging/choreography of Clément Thirion, fluid, poetic and the music of Thomas Turine. [...].



"Pink Boys and Old Ladies", Clément Thirion's latest creation


"[...] For his 4th staging, Clément Thirion is inspired by a real event to create an original story. Pink Boys and Old Ladies tells us the story of a five-year-old child who likes to wear skirts A family story, dramatic but also humorous.  [...].


LA LIBRE BELGIUM I  Stephanie Bocart   

Man or woman ? What if we were free to be whoever we want?


"[...] Addressing and nurturing societal debates, feeling the pulse of a world in turmoil, tickling or even overturning preconceptions and injustices, raising awareness, taking another look,... the power of culture is immense and indispensable.[...]"

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THEATER STREET  I Michel Voiturier   

More pink than pink

"  This comedy – because it is one – has resolutely taken the side of humor. His writing, Marie Henry made it scenic by refusing to get bogged down in a psychological study, by not pouring into docu-fiction. But she was just as careful not to sink into a farces and gaudriolesque boulevard. This comedy therefore, Clément Thirion treats it through a kind of permanent mise en abyme.

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THE EVENING I  Michele Friche   

Full house and conquered: in the hands of Marie Henry and Clément Thirion, the question of gender gives birth to a new nugget.


"[...] By spirals, by trial and error, each other tries to define the serious subject of "gender", which touches on the gaze of the other, on their intolerance, on their own shackles. And yet it is frankly funny, not at all didactic or moralizing, not linear either, but deconstructed, multiplied between game, story... and stage directions [...].

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