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/ Participatory dance · 90'

In the history of festivals, carnivals, bacchanals, feasts of madmen and sacred rituals, costumed and masked bodies run wild and dance to make hierarchy ridiculous and reverse social order. (...)

Conception Leslie Mannès, Thomas Turine, Vincent Lemaître Choreography Leslie Mannès Musical composition Thomas Turine  Light creation  Vincent Lemaître Artistic Advisor Joëlle Bacchetta  Dance creation / guidance Daniel Barkan, Gilles Fumba, Amélie Marneffe, Manon Santkin/Delphine Mertens, Marco Torrice Programming  Emmanuel Pire  Costumes and scenography Marie Artamonoff  Costumes assitant Patricia Gelise  Coach chikung  Frank Baal  Photo credit  Laetitia Bica  Development, production and distribution  BLOOM Project/Stéphanie Barboteau, Ilona Gatard

Production ASBL Hirschkuh Co-production Mars – Mons performing arts (Be), Varia Theater, Brussels (Be), Charleroi Danse (Be), Bora Bora Art Residency Center, Aarhus (Dk), La place de la danse - CDCN Toulouse Occitanie, as part of the reception-studio system . Supports  Wallonia Brussels Federation – dance service, Wallonia-Brussels International, WBTD  Accompanied by the Grand Studio, Brussels (Be).

This show was created in September 2022 at Mars - Mons arts de la scène.

Duration 1h20

Number of participants 50 people maximum; 2 presentations/day

In the history of carnivals, bacchanals, feasts of fools and other charivaris, bodies are unleashed and dance to reverse the social order, make fun of the hierarchy and regenerate nature and society.

THE RITUALS OF DISORDER invite you to take part in this experiment in order to enjoy a moment of sharing, breaking away from everyday life. Together, artists and audiences experience the vital force of dance and music as a unifying and emancipating power in joy and celebration.

Leslie Mannès (choreographer and dancer), Thomas Turine (composer) and Vincent Lemaitre (light designer) venture into the invention of new rituals, seeking to provoke strong and liberating sensory experiences for the viewer. Together, they develop a common writing of body, sound and light as three foundations of a language to be co-invented. Between bodily practices
ancestral and futuristic, their tendency to mix temporalities creates confusion. We enter a choreographic territory, sound and light, we caress hypnosis, the sensitive and the powerful.ATOMIC 3001 (2016) transcends the liberation of a woman prey to an alienating and FORCES(2019) is the gathering of three cyborg shaman warriors who make their bodies a vector of metamorphosis.
THE RITUALS OF DISORDER, the choreographer, composer and lighting designer question, through a participatory project, the needs or desires that collective practices arouse today by drawing inspiration from the history of festivals, carnivals and other carnivals.

Descriptif RITUELS



Les Brigittines, Brussels (Be)


Objectif Danse 11, Les Brigittines, Brussels (Be)

21→ 24/06/2023

Festival Métamorphose, Théâtre Varia, Brussels (Be)


Les Écuries, Charleroi-Danse (Be)

27 → 28/09/2022

*Creation* MARS, Mons Performing Arts (Be)


Residence MARS, Mons Performing Arts (Be)

20/06→ 01/07/2022

Residence La Raffinerie, Charleroi-Dance (Be)


Residence Bora Bora - Residency Art Center, Aarhus (Dk)


/workinprogress/ Demain Festival, MARS, Mons Performing Arts (Be)


Residence MARS, Mons Performing Arts (Be)


Residence MARS, Mons Performing Arts (Be)


Residence La Place de la danse, Toulouse (Fr)


Residence Grand Studio, Brussels (Be)


Residency La Raffinerie, Charleroi-Danse, Bruxelles (Be)


Residency iMAL, Bruxelles (Be)


Residency Théâtre La Balsamine, Bruxelles (Be)


Residency La Raffinerie, Charleroi-danses, Bruxelles (Be)


Residency La Raffinerie, Charleroi-Danses, Bruxelles (Be)

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