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Sophie Linsmaux & Aurelio Mergola | Cie Still Life

Aurélio&Sophie - format réduit ©Lou Verschuren.jpg

The company Still Life is the privileged playground of Sophie Linsmaux and Aurelio Mergola.

The two creators designed a theater without words and made of flesh.

Since 2011, Sophie Linsmaux and Aurelio Mergola have worked to define a unique stage language. This two-headed approach tends towards real complementarity, gives a very rich creative force and is part of a long-term approach. Obsessed by the same themes that come back like a haunting leitmotif - the infinite precariousness of existence and the fragility of the human condition - they strive to bring body and nerves to life in a very written visual theater. Without words, they depict a world where everything is going terribly wrong and where endangered humanity is trying at all costs to find a meaning and a necessity.

Since their first creation, they have gathered around them a core of loyal partners: Aurélie Deloche, Sophie Leso, Florence Thonet, Thomas van Zuylen, Sophie Jallet, Muriel Legrand. It is thanks to the durability of these relationships that the invoice of their artistic identity is refined and endured through projects such as FROZEN (short form and long form), STILL LIFE (short form), VIEW (short form).

NO ONE created at the Théâtre les Tanneurs (Brussels) in 2019 was scheduled for the 74th edition of the Avignon festival in 2020, cancelled due to the pandemic.In February 2022, they created the long form FLESH (made up of 4 short forms) which was performed at the 76th edition of the Avignon Festival in July 2022 and continues its journey, notably at the legendary Barbican for the London Mime International Festival (Uk), at the Tampere Festival (Fi) and many others to come.

Since September 2019, the company Still Life has been an associate artist at the Théâtre les Tanneurs in Brussels.

FLESH (2022)

Report Tracks ARTE (2020)

NO ONE (2019)

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