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Isabelle Darras
After Party//Cie


After Party // Cie's research is essentially focused on visual, poetic and offbeat creations that explore subjects linked to the intimate and anchored in a social reality, to bring out resistance and humanity, featuring objects, puppets, video.

After her studies at the Conservatory of Liège, Isabelle Darras began by working in the theater for young audiences at Ateliers de la Colline. In 2004, she joined the Tof Théâtre team for Les Bénévoles, a show with human-sized puppets. In 2006, she created with Anne Leclercq The very short and very cruel very sad stories , performed at the Théâtre des Doms in 2006 as part of the OFF festival in Avignon. At the same time, she met Agnès Limbos who offered her to be part of the “poetic squattages” of the Cie Gare Centrale: she created two shows in objects and puppets in 2009: Deviations with Blaise Ludik and Vincent Cahay, and Fragile with Julie Tenret (M special ention of the jury of the Rencontres de Huy for its strength and commitment).

In 2011, she co-founded the Night Shop Théâtre with Julie Tenret. Together, they created Silence with Bernard Senny ( Love at first sight of the Press at the Rencontres de Huy 2013, Prize of the Minister of Basic Education , Prize for the best show for young audiences 2013 at the Critics' Prize Belgium). The show is also scheduled at the Théâtre des Doms as part of the OFF festival in Avignon 2014 and will subsequently begin a large tour (350 performances) around the world.

In 2016, she premiered Love in the air (Short Form) at the XS Festival at the National Theater in Brussels.

In 2018, she founded After Party // Cie and embarked on the creation of a new show “NORMAL” co-directed with Elisabeth Ancion with whom she had collaborated from the start. The show will premiere in fall 2020.

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