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LOOP AFFECT - 2 © J. Van Belle – WBI.jpg

MaCulture | Wilson Lepersonic - 14/03/2023

Resolutely multidisciplinary, Louise Baduel's work lies at the crossroads of theater, dance, music and the visual arts.

With her new creation LOOP AFFECT, the choreographer uses the figure of the loop as a creative strategy and aesthetic object to explore her family history and question notions of transmission and natural cycles.

Loop affect (c)ConstanceProux12.jpg

FOCUS | VIF | Estelle Spoto - 01/12/2021

In LOOP AFFECT, Louise Baduel reactivates her childhood memories with her grandfather using objects, smoke, sound and light, words and dance. Playful and touching.

It's like a puzzle. Initially, all the pieces are spread out on the ground, in an apparent disorder but well aligned, like an abstract geometric composition. {...}

Loop affect (c)ConstanceProux11.jpg

La Libre | Marie Baudet - 01/12/2022

"Loop Affect", loops in the mist.

Louise Baduel installs live a world of memories and sensations.

An imposing grandfather, a little girl in a plaid skirt and small boots, a chalet in the mountains, a collar where "the wind and the rain redouble in intensity"… These images initially suggested by a projected text go in part take shape, until the loop closes {...}

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