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Louise Baduel

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Louise Baduel is a dancer-choreographer,

based in Brussels.

Louise Baduel is a dancer-choreographer, based in Brussels.

After studying music at the conservatory of Aix-en-Provence (Fr) and dance with Rosella Hightower in Cannes (Muse de la danse – Opéra de Nice - Fr), she completed her training at PARTS (Be), then at ULB (Master in Performing Arts - Be).

In 2009, marked by her meeting with the sound designer Marie-Jeanne Wyckmans, she gives substance to her sound questions in a first solo L.BRUISSE, presented at Monty (Antwerp) and Purosangue festival (Milan). From 2012 to 2021, the collective experience of the company System Failure, of which she is co-founder, allows her to deepen these intuitions in 3 successive shows (SYSTEM FAILURE 2013, HUMAN DECISION 2015, INITIAL ANOMALY 2019). She has also collaborated with Cie Dérivation on several projects for young audiences. In 2021, she experiments again with the solo form in LOOP AFFECT, presented at the Brigittines, at the Propulse festival, at ICI Brussels, at the Rideau in Quebec, at the Ardanthé Festival in Vanves and will soon be performed at the Delta in Namur in March 2024.

Her work is distinguished by its multidisciplinary aspect and gives rise to hybrid pieces. Louise Baduel  attaches great importance to making her choreographic practice accessible and it is through body and language that she tries to approach societal themes with simplicity, humor and transparency. The sound and musical environment still occupies an essential place in his dramaturgy and the influence of the visual arts is becoming increasingly important in his aesthetic approach.

Following a period of research around the costume, Louise Baduel is now developing a new project SOLEIL CONSTANT which will be performed at the Brigittines in April 2024. On this project, Louise invites several artists to collaborate with her: costume designer Leslie Ferré, performer Pascale Gigon, author Sébastien Fayard, composer Marc Melià, scenographer Donatien de le Court and light designer Meri Ekola. It also lays the foundations for a first young public project named  CHROMATIC for 2025, supported by the Brigittines, the Montagne Magique, Pierre de Lune and Delta.





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